Tutorial: Maintaining Database Consistency Across Multiple Databases with Axxana’s Phoenix

Tutorial: Maintaining Database Consistency Across Multiple Databases with Axxana’s Phoenix

When replicating CRM, ERP, data warehouse, and other mission-critical applications in an asynchronous environment, each application’s database is typically synchronized to a different point in time.

Because there are frequently dependencies across these applications, the challenge when a disaster occurs and recovery begins is to synchronize all of these applications to one consistent point in time—that is, the exact time the disaster occurred in the primary site. Without Axxana’s Phoenix, doing so is extremely complex and time-consuming. In this scenario, disaster recovery—and therefore, application availability and uptime—can be delayed for minutes, if not hours, as the IT team works to restore consistency.

To find out how Axxana’s Phoenix overcomes this challenge and ensures continuous availability by synchronizing all these databases to the exact same point in time, see our new tutorial, Maintaining Database Consistency Across Multiple Databases with Axxana’s Phoenix. Eli Efrat, Axxana’s CEO and co-founder, discusses application/database consistency, how data loss impacts consistency, and how lack of consistency impacts failover, availability, and application uptime. He also explains how Axxana’s Phoenix eliminates consistency issues and the need for data reconciliation in disaster scenarios.  The result is full consistency across multiple applications, rapid recovery, and continuous availability—even in an asynchronous environment. The total running time is 8:13.

The tutorial is part of a new tutorial series airing on Axxana’s YouTube channel. Each tutorial explores a different topic that is important to achieving continuous application availability. Axxana experts with decades of IT experience lead the tutorials, which are designed to provide a quick, easy-to-understand overview for disaster recovery and business continuity specialists, compliance officers, risk managers, and business leaders. Each tutorial is supported by additional content such as web pages, blogs, white papers, technical notes, and video animations.

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