Three’s a Crowd

Move from a three- to two-data-center topology while reducing your downtime risk.

You implemented a three-data-center disaster recovery topology, believing it was the only way to achieve continuous application availability across long distances. You placed one data center near your primary site, for synchronous replication, and another one at a large distance, for asynchronous protection. Now your costs are shooting through the roof, and the operational complexity of a three-data-center topology is posing a real risk to your failover during a disaster. Moving to a two-data-center solution would alleviate these burdens, but how do you ensure continuous application availability when data centers are too far apart to allow synchronous replication—or so close together that they’re vulnerable to regional disasters? Many vendors will tell you it isn’t possible. Axxana’s Phoenix solutions enable continuous application availability regardless of data center topology so that you no longer have to compromise. Contact us to see how we can help.