Nothing overlooked. Nothing left to chance.
Built to maintain continuous application availability in worst-case scenarios.

Built to Survive and Respond Intelligently

Most people think of a black box as a disaster-proof container that protects data statically until the box is physically retrieved and the data is manually extracted. The Phoenix Black Box is far more sophisticated and intelligent, containing dynamic compute, storage, and network capabilities that must be protected under extreme environmental conditions. Those vital capabilities impose design requirements that make even the most dauntless engineer’s head spin.

Built to Drive Recovery and Continuous Availability

It is not enough for the Phoenix Black Box to protect data during a disaster. To enable continuous application availability, obtained by extremely rapid recovery, it must also be able to transfer the protected data as quickly as possible after a disaster. To address this requirement, the Black Box contains a multi-layered compute and communications system that can detect signs of disaster, and then intelligently choose the best available data-transfer method for any given disaster contingency. Once a disaster is identified, protected data can be transferred via multiple options, including a wide area network (WAN) link, cellular broadband, and Wi-Fi. It can also be extracted manually via a quick disk-removal mechanism.