One announcement we have been dying to talk about

One announcement we have been dying to talk about

Finally! After building, proofing, testing, qualifying and then some… we are proud to announce the Phoenix System RP’s new VPLEX support. Data Protection and Data Availability go hand in hand, but are not the same. It is the RPO and RTO requirements that will eventually dictate the configuration of your desired system and DR topology. We all know VPLEX is a powerful tool, providing metro area high-availability. Couple VPLEX with RecoverPoint, and you start getting to where you need to be in our fast pace IT environment – High Availability on the metro distance and Disaster Recovery on the long hauls.

What if your two nearby data centers are hit by the same disaster? What then? You are back to good’ol Asynchronous recovery, with data loss and the real risk of a much lengthier RTO and much larger RPO than you signed up for…!

In our day and age, where business continuity, revenue and reputation all go hand in hand and, if I might add, are pretty fragile, do you really want to take that chance?

Add Axxana to the mix and here’s a trio that can’t be beaten in the market today. With VPLEX, RecoverPoint and Axxana combined, customers using any Storage can achieve a combination of continuous operation, high availability and zero data loss over any distance, resulting in true 100% data protection and availability no matter what disaster occurs or distance applies. Local disaster or regional disaster – you are still covered!

To the wonderful Product and Engineering teams at EMC VPLEX and EMC RecoverPoint – thanks again for your amazing partnership and friendship!