New Tutorial: Using Oracle Far Sync 12c with Axxana to Achieve Continuous Application Availability

Oracle Data Guard Far Sync has been an important solution for organizations seeking to reduce disaster recovery costs and complexity by moving from a three-data-center topology to a two-data-center topology. Although its lightweight model provides a less costly alternative to a three-data-center topology, Far Sync still has the other disadvantages of traditional synchronous replication solutions: Organizations need to invest in a nearby facility from which to run the Far Sync instance; the high-bandwidth communication lines between the production and nearby site are costly; and latency still impacts performance.

More important, the solution is not immune to regional or rolling disasters, in which power and communication outages can cause synchronous replication to fail. In fact, without Axxana’s Phoenix, no DR solution is immune to these types of disaster.

To find out how only Axxana’s Phoenix can solve this industry-wide challenge, watch our new tutorial, Using Oracle Far Sync 12c with Axxana to Achieve Continuous Application Availability,   In this tutorial, Eli Efrat, Axxana’s CEO and co-founder, starts by describing how Oracle Data Guard Far Sync typically operates, its cost and distance limitations, and why it alone cannot guarantee continuous availability in a regional or rolling disaster. He then explains how storing the Far Sync instance in Axxana’s disaster-proof Black Box (which resides in the organization’s primary data center) overcomes these limitations to provide continuous availability—while eliminating the need for costly data fiber and a third site for the Far Sync instance.  The total running time is 8:25.

The tutorial is part of a new tutorial series airing on Axxana’s YouTube channel. Each tutorial explores a different topic that is important to achieving continuous application availability. Axxana experts with decades of IT experience lead the tutorials, which are designed to provide a quick, easy-to-understand overview for disaster recovery and business continuity specialists, compliance officers, risk managers, and business leaders. Each tutorial is supported by additional content such as web pages, blogs, white papers, technical notes, and video animations.


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