New Tutorial: Overcoming Rolling Disasters with Axxana’s Phoenix

New Tutorial: Overcoming Rolling Disasters with Axxana’s Phoenix

Many organizations mistakenly believe they are protected against rolling disasters because they use synchronous replication or some other high availability solution; however, this misconception puts them at great risk for data loss and downtime.

A rolling disaster usually starts with a line cut, power outage, or other problem with network communication lines. It is an event in which replication to the secondary (disaster recovery) site fails before the primary (production) data center fails. During the interim between replication failure and failure of the primary data center, the primary data center’s production servers continue to produce data that is not being replicated (unless you have Axxana’s Phoenix). Suffice it to say, when data is created and not replicated, data loss and disruptions in availability are guaranteed.

To learn how Axxana’s Phoenix ensures continuous availability in a rolling disaster, see our latest tutorial, Overcoming Rolling Disasters with Axxana’s Phoenix. In this tutorial, Eli Efrat, Axxana’s CEO and co-founder, shows why even synchronous replication environments cannot protect your organization against downtime in a rolling disaster. Then, he explains how Axxana’s Phoenix overcomes the pitfalls of traditional solutions to ensure rapid recovery and continuous application availability in any type of disaster. The total running time is 5:21.

The tutorial is part of a new tutorial series airing on Axxana’s YouTube channel. Each tutorial explores a different topic that is important to achieving continuous application availability. Axxana experts with decades of IT experience lead the tutorials, which are designed to provide a quick, easy-to-understand overview for disaster recovery and business continuity specialists, compliance officers, risk managers, and business leaders. Each tutorial is supported by additional content such as web pages, blogs, white papers, technical notes, and video animations.

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