New Tutorial: Continuous Availability over Async Infrastructure

Until now, organizations using asynchronous replication have had to settle for application inconsistencies, protracted recovery times, downtime, and poor application availability when disaster strikes. These risks are a result of the inevitable data loss that occurs in asynchronous environments—unless Axxana’s Phoenix is present.

If you’re wondering how Axxana’s Phoenix guarantees continuous availability in any topology, Axxana’s new tutorial, Continuous Application Availability over Async Infrastructure, will answer your questions. Eli Efrat, Axxana’s CEO and co-founder, walks through the application recovery process in an asynchronous Oracle Exadata environment where Axxana’s Phoenix has been implemented.  The total running time is 6:45.


The tutorial is part of a new tutorial series airing on Axxana’s YouTube channel. Each tutorial explores a different topic that is important to achieving continuous application availability. Axxana experts with decades of IT experience lead the tutorials, which are designed to provide a quick, easy-to-understand overview for disaster recovery and business continuity specialists, compliance officers, risk managers, and business leaders. Each tutorial is supported by additional content such as web pages, blogs, white papers, technical notes, and video animations.


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