New Tutorial: 2 DCs with Axxana Is Better Than 3 DCs

New Tutorial: 2 DCs with Axxana Is Better Than 3 DCs

To ensure continuous application availability in the event of a disaster, organizations operating mission-critical databases typically implement solutions that revolve around synchronous replication in a three-data-center topology;

However, these solutions come at a high price in terms of dollars and risk. That’s because three-data-center solutions cannot guarantee zero data loss and therefore continuous availability in the event of a rolling or regional disaster. In addition, maintaining a nearby data center to host the synchronous replication instance imposes significant Capex and Opex costs, as well as the costs associated with using fiber optic lines to connect the primary data center and the nearby facility.

Fortunately, Axxana’s Phoenix for Oracle offers the best of all worlds by enabling zero data loss and continuous application availability in a two-data-center topology.

To find out how Axxana’s Phoenix for Oracle makes two-data-center solutions more secure, more efficient, and more cost-effective than traditional three-data-center solutions, see our latest tutorial, 2 DCs with Axxana Is Better Than 3 DCs. Eli Efrat, Axxana’s CEO and co-founder, discusses three-data-center topologies, dispels the myth that they guarantee zero data loss and continuous application availability, and shows why they no longer make good business sense for most organizations. He goes on to explain how Axxana’s Phoenix, used in a two-data-center environment, is actually a better solution because it helps organizations eliminate the tremendous cost and complexity of three-data-center topologies while achieving rapid recovery and continuous application availability at any distance. The total running time is 8:48.

The tutorial is part of a new tutorial series airing on Axxana’s YouTube channel. Each tutorial explores a different topic that is important to achieving continuous application availability. Axxana experts with decades of IT experience lead the tutorials, which are designed to provide a quick, easy-to-understand overview for disaster recovery and business continuity specialists, compliance officers, risk managers, and business leaders. Each tutorial is supported by additional content such as web pages, blogs, white papers, technical notes, and video animations.

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