Here’s to the next 5 years!

Here’s to the next 5 years!

A few days ago, I found myself on a plane to Vegas, again, as I do every year pretty much around that same time – second week of May. What’s so special about this specific week in the year? Well, it’s EMC World, of course!

I love this show. It is vibrant. It is welcoming. It is informative and it has always been a great combination of Work and Play. Yes, you work hard as a partner vendor at EMC World. Customers are coming to see our Phoenix System for EMC RecoverPoint. Some planned visits and some spontaneous. This is always a good time to get to know your future customer-partners over a good dinner or lunch conversation. EMC Technical Consultants and SEs are coming from all over the world to learn about EMC’s partners, all in one place, all at their best. EMC Select is offering fantastic ways for us partner vendors to shine, with special “Passport” programs, encouraging visitors to pay attention to the exhibitors on the floor and not just the food and drinks… and the rock concert on Wednesday nights… to come see partner presentations at the EMC TechConnect booth, with the Select team members drawing the crowd into their booth, just to see you present. Yes – it is a fabulous week with many friends around, with the Axxana team of worriers all bonded together to fire up the exhibit floor with our fire-proof Black Box!


But this year it was a special year. This year it was EMC Select’s 10 year anniversary, and Axxana was invited to receive the 5 Years Service Award from the EMC Select team. All partner programs are now combined into one program – The EMC TechConnect program, but allow me to call them Select just a few more times. It was a good feeling to accept this award. It was a good feeling, because it’s not just a good opportunity to be mentioned and celebrated, but also a great opportunity to look back at the past 5 years. To enjoy the business we created together. To reflect on the obstacles that were there and had to be overcome. To reimagine that enormous web of links to tie and connections to make and strings to attach and threads to follow – all for the sole purpose of making this partnership work and work well.


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It is never easy. People have their own agendas and groups have their deadlines. But at the end – it is all well worth it. We are proudly singing this duet with the #1 Storage company in the world and we get to work with a fantastic group of people, who make it their goal to help us thrive in that relationship and to grow, not only in revenue, but in widening our scope of integration with the EMC products and business units. Just this year we announced Axxana/RecoverPoint integration with both the VMAX platform as well as the VPLEX system – two major achievements for this growing relationship. We have one more special announcement to make in the coming weeks, combining forces with yet another central BU but we’ll have to keep this under the radar for now…



Thank you EMC Select, for your friendship and partnership during the past 5 years and here’s to the next 5!!

From all of us at Axxana.