Zero Data Loss in Backup-Only Environments

Are you settling for backup-only disaster recovery because you can’t justify the cost and complexity of replication? While you may be able to tolerate the application downtime associated with data recovery from a backup, do you really want to settle for the high volume of data loss that is associated with backup environments—especially when you don’t have to?

Changing the Risk Conversation for Data Backup

Axxana’s DR in a Box is the only solution on the market that provides zero-data-loss (ZDL) recovery for Oracle applications when the disaster recovery strategy is based on backups. In traditional backup-only environments, organizations risk losing all data that has not been copied to tape or disk backups and moved outside the organization for safekeeping. Depending on the backup schedule, huge volumes of data may be lost when disaster strikes. With Axxana’s DR in a Box, the IT, business, and C-level teams can rest assured that data will never be lost in a disaster.


Axxana’s DR in a Box is based on Axxana’s Phoenix system, which is enclosed in Axxana’s disaster-proof Phoenix Black Box. The solution connects to a database server in the same way as any other regular storage would connect. When a disaster strikes, Axxana’s Phoenix protects all the logs and archive files that have not yet been moved offsite. Because these files from Axxana’s Phoenix contain all the latest transactions, recovery is full, providing zero data loss. Even better: Organizations achieve zero data loss and 100% protection without investing in replication sites, high-bandwidth communication lines, and additional staff.

Zero-Data-Loss Recovery

The Phoenix solution guarantees zero data loss in any DR configuration, including backup-only environments. With zero data loss, full consistency across applications and fastest recovery times are assured.

Indestructible Black Box

The Phoenix Black Box has been certified to withstand extreme conditions, including water, direct flames, prolonged high temperatures, enormous pressures associated with building collapse, pierce forces associated with falling rods, and extreme shocks. In addition, it is equipped with an internal battery, enabling it to continue operation for up to 36 hours post disaster.

Connectivity to Any Server

Axxana’s Phoenix can connect to any server as a regular storage device (i.e., either a block device using SCSI protocol or a NAS device using NFS protocol) over a variety of physical-layer protocols, including fiber channel (FC), InfiniBand, and 10G Ethernet.

Budget Friendly Solution

The only additional expense is for Axxana’s Phoenix itself, which costs a fraction of traditional ZDL solutions, resides at the primary data center, and requires very little management or maintenance. In other words, organizations do not have to invest in an additional site, storage, or costly high-bandwidth communication lines.

For More Information

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