Disaster Recovery in the Cloud – Axxana’s Solution for Achieving Zero Data Loss

Organizations are increasingly moving disaster recovery (DR) to the cloud in order to alleviate the costs and complexity associated with implementing, staffing, and maintaining a standby DR site on their own.

The Oracle Cloud allows Oracle Active Data Guard users to create a hybrid DR solution as an alternative to hosting their own standby DR site. In the hybrid model, existing production databases remain on premises, and standby databases used for DR are deployed on the Oracle Cloud. Once the solution is set up, it is transparent to users.

DR in the Cloud Cannot Ensure Zero Data Loss

While there are many benefits to moving DR to the cloud, challenges exist.

In the event of a disaster, data loss is guaranteed to occur in Data Guard configurations because synchronous replication to the remote cloud site does not occur. The increased latency and high communications costs associated with synchronous replication to distant sites makes synchronous replication infeasible. With data loss, RTO grows dramatically as IT staff scramble to restore applications to consistency and do other tasks associated with data loss.

Oracle’s Active Data Guard Far Sync solution tries to address this issue by placing a Far Sync instance close enough to the production site to allow synchronous replication. In this scenario, the production database replicates synchronously to the Far Sync instance, and then the Far Sync instance replicates asynchronously to the Oracle Cloud. While this solution may, in some cases, improve recovery point objective (RPO), organizations are still vulnerable to data loss if a regional or rolling disaster disrupts communication (i.e., replication) between the production site and the Far Sync instance.

… But Axxana’s Phoenix for Oracle Far Sync Can

Fortunately, there is a solution that guarantees zero data loss and rapid recovery in any DR topology or environment, whether in the cloud or operated by the organization. Axxana’s Phoenix for Oracle Far Sync ensures zero data loss and rapid recovery in any disaster scenario, including regional and rolling disasters. It’s the only industry solution that can do so.

Axxana’s Phoenix for Oracle Far Sync, supported by Oracle, is a self-contained solution that houses, protects and supports the Oracle Far Sync instance from within the disaster-proof Phoenix Black Box, which resides at the production (primary) data center. Data can be replicated synchronously from the production databases to the Far Sync instance within the Black Box. In the event of a disaster, the protected data can then be asynchronously replicated via cellular, WAN, or other mechanisms to the Oracle Cloud.

Zero data loss is guaranteed, increasing the probability of successful failover. In addition, because the Far Sync instance is housed at the primary site, communication lines are a matter of feet instead of miles and network latency is negligible.

Using Axxana Phoenix for Oracle Far Sync, organizations get all the benefits of hybrid disaster recovery while ensuring zero data loss and rapid recovery—and at a far lower cost than traditional disaster recovery solutions.

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DR in the Cloud – Tech Note August 2018