Disaster Recovery in a Box – Literally

If you’ve been basing your risk management and business continuity strategy on the premise that it’s impossible to achieve zero data loss (ZDL) in backup-only environments, you may want to reconsider. Axxana’s DR in a Box™ solution provides ZDL recovery for Oracle applications when the disaster recovery strategy is based on backups. It’s the only solution on the market to do so—and comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions based on replication between two data centers.

Unnecessary Compromise and Risk

Even though many organizations desire zero data loss, they choose backup-only strategies because they cannot justify the cost and complexity of replication. The problem with foregoing replication is that data loss is inevitable in the event of a disaster. Any data that has not been copied to tape or disk backups and moved outside the organization for safekeeping will be lost.

Even if data is not critical to the business, it has value—or organizations wouldn’t bother backing it up. When data loss occurs, workflows may be interrupted, employees may have to redo work, and knowledge may be lost forever. The only thing as difficult as experiencing these setbacks is explaining to others that all this risk could have been avoided by using Axxana’s DR in a Box solution.

Achieving ZDL in Backup-Only Environments

Axxana’s DR in a Box guarantees zero data loss in backup-only environments and can connect to any server as a regular storage device. It’s based on Axxana’s Phoenix system, which is housed in Axxana’s disaster-proof Phoenix Black Box. The Phoenix Black Box has been certified to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Besides being indestructible, it has built-in independent capabilities—including an SSD-based storage system, Linux-based server, and self-sufficient power—that ensure continuous protection regardless of the external environment.

When a disaster strikes, Axxana’s DR in a Box protects all the transactions and other data that has not been moved offsite. Recovery is full, providing zero data loss.

Moving to the Next Level of Disaster Recovery – Without the Cost

Prior to Axxana’s DR in a Box, the only way to achieve zero data loss was to replicate the databases to a remote site. At a minimum, this approach requires an operational alternate site, the necessary storage for the alternate site, reliable high-bandwidth communication between the sites, and additional IT labor to staff the site. With Axxana’s DR in a Box solution, the only additional expense is for Axxana’s Phoenix itself, which costs a fraction of traditional zero-data-loss solutions, resides at the primary data center, relies on low-cost data communication lines, and requires very little management or maintenance.

Axxana’s DR in a Box is an ideal solution for organizations that rely on backups to protect their data. Why compromise on disaster recovery and data loss when you don’t have to?


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