When disasters occur, data loss prevention is crucial to minimizing downtime,

risk, and operational costs associated with disaster recovery.

Zero Data Loss

Zero data loss is the benchmark for data loss prevention, but many disaster recovery teams mistakenly believe it is impossible to achieve in their organization—especially if they are using asynchronous replication. Traditional disaster recovery solutions have relied on synchronous replication when zero data loss is required, but these solutions are costly and not always feasible depending on data center topography and other factors. Axxana Phoenix guarantees zero data loss in any replication environment so that you can protect your business and preserve business continuity regardless of size, complexity or budget.


Data Loss Prevention and Recovery Time

When using asynchronous replication, there is an inherent lag between the data in the primary site and the data in the disaster recovery site. If this lag is not protected, your organization risks losing transaction data during a disaster. Even synchronous replication environments are not immune to data loss. Because synchronous replication requires geographic proximity, regional disasters or outages can bring synchronous replication to a halt, resulting in data loss.


When you lose transaction data, you lose more than the data itself. You also risk losing data consistency across business-critical databases and applications. Disaster recovery in this scenario requires time-consuming identification of what data has been lost and reconstruction of application consistency, which slows the recovery process and the return to normal operations. The longer the recovery time—that is, the longer the downtime—the greater the potential loss of revenue, customers, productivity, and reputation. Gartner Research “typically cites the cost of network downtime as $5600 per minute, which extrapolates to well over $300K per hour.”

Data Loss Prevention in Any Replication Environment

Although many organizations resign themselves to some data loss with asynchronous replication (and even synchronous replication), your organization doesn’t have to tolerate any amount of data loss during a disaster. Axxana Phoenix uses its disaster-proof Black Box and dynamic compute, memory, storage, and networking technologies to protect data lag (not-yet-replicated data) during a disaster and safely transfer the data during recovery. This unique data loss prevention solution works with your existing disaster recovery topology to ensure zero data loss and rapid recovery time.


Data Loss Prevention

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