Data Guard Broker

Data Guard Broker


In an earlier version of Data Guard, when the broker had problems, one of the automatic answers I got from support was to recreate the broker configuration.

In other words:

  1. Drop the configuration.
  2. Create the configuration.

If your broker is simple, this is not a huge request. Actually, you could follow Step By Step How to Recreate Data Guard Broker Configuration (Doc ID 808783.1).

But in my case, using Active Data Guard with Far Sync, with many fine-tuned configurations, it was not so convenient. I had a number of ways I tried to be efficient:

  1. I could write down all broker commands—to be able to run them again next time.
  2. For versions and, I found a way to query the broker and re-create a current configuration creation script (Extract Data Guard Commands).
  3. I also had some issues trying to Drop/remove Far-Sync Configurations from broker 12.1.
  4. On version, I found out that the broker metadata was changed, so I had to update my previous script for Extract Data Guard Commands on Oracle 12.2.
  5. Finally, on Oracle 19c, there will be new commands to export and import a broker configuration 😊

dgmgrl> export configuration to ‘meta.xml’
dgmgrl> import configuration from ‘meta.xml’

Here is a full listing, shown at Oracle Open World 2018, of new features promised to be in Oracle 19c:

  • New TRACE-LEVEL qualifier to replace DEBUG
  • New commands to set database initialization parameters
  • Observe-only mode for broker’s Fast-Start Failover (FSFO)
  • Changed Fast-Start Failover (FSFO) target
  • New commands to export and import a broker configuration
  • New local archiving properties
  • Show lag information for all configuration members