Axxana is changing the disaster recovery landscape.

Traditional disaster recovery solutions—whether using synchronous replication, asynchronous replication, or some combination of the two—have required significant trade-offs related to cost, data loss, recovery time, performance, and data center location. Axxana provides the best of all worlds, significantly reducing risk, lowering cost, and improving operational efficiency.

Axxana’s Phoenix is the cornerstone of Axxana’s solutions. It brings zero data loss and rapid recovery to organizations—without the costs and limitations of traditional disaster recovery solutions. It is deployed in production data centers around the world and has won several prestigious industry awards.

The vision, passion, innovation, and tenacity of Axxana’s world-class talent are at the heart of our success. Axxana is led by a veteran management team that brings together many years of multidisciplinary experience from the data management, storage, networking, security, hardware, and software markets. By working closely with customers and partners, Axxana gains unique insight into the business and technology challenges facing today’s organizations and is paving the way for a new era in disaster recovery.

Minimum Downtime

Zero data loss and full consistency across applications means you can return to normal operations faster, reducing the risk of lost revenue, productivity, or customers.

Cross-App Consistency

Phoenix synchronizes all applications and databases in the Oracle environment to one consistent point in time, allowing the fastest possible recovery.

Unmatched Cost Reduction

No data loss. No three-data-center topology. No bandwidth upgrades. Less human intervention. Phoenix reduces capital, operational, and risk-related costs.

No Distance Barrier

Locate your DR site at any distance from the primary site. Phoenix augments your asynchronous replication and protects the entire data lag right at the primary site.

No Costly Communication Lines

The disaster-proof Black Box protects and transfers the data lag from its location at the primary site, eliminating bandwidth costs related to synchronous replication.

RPO = 0 at Flash Speeds

Phoenix protects the most recent not-yet-replicated snapshot and is the only technology that ensures synchronous replication of flash-based storage arrays.