Axxana’s Phoenix solutions mitigate the risks associated with cloud-based disaster recovery so you can take full advantage of cloud services.

Enhancing Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based disaster recovery is often a good option, but what happens once disaster strikes? Can your cloud services provider (CSP) really meet its service level agreements for recovery time and application availability? What happens if synchronous replication becomes unavailable during a regional disaster? How much data loss is allowed in the service level you’ve chosen?

Although cloud-based disaster recovery can enhance protection and reduce operational costs, the disadvantages associated with traditional synchronous and asynchronous replication models still exist.

Phoenix supports the full range of cloud services models—including private, public, and hybrid clouds—while providing capabilities that are difficult, if not impossible, to achieve with cloud services alone. These capabilities include continuous application availability at any distance and significantly lower latency.

Whether you’re relying on cloud services for disaster recovery only, or offloading all IT operations to a cloud services provider, Axxana changes the game.