Now you have a choice. Axxana’s Phoenix solutions bring continuous application availability to your enterprise—without the costs and limitations of traditional disaster recovery solutions.

The Days of Compromise Are Over

Traditional disaster recovery solutions—whether using synchronous replication, asynchronous replication, or some combination of the two—often require significant trade-offs related to cost, data loss, downtime, performance, and data center location. Many organizations are forced to choose between synchronous replication, with its high cost and distance limitations, or lower-cost asynchronous replication with its inevitable data loss resulting in a slow, often risky recovery that threatens application availability. Even combined sync-async topologies are vulnerable to data loss in the event of regional outages or rolling disasters—not to mention their prohibitive cost.


Axxana’s Phoenix solutions provide the best of all worlds—mitigating risks, increasing efficiencies, and lowering costs in a wide range of use cases. Whatever your business continuity challenges are, Axxana changes the game.